Is our cookie dough safe to eat?

Yes, indeed it is. It uses Heat-Treated Flour which makes it safe to eat.

Is our cookie dough Bakeable?

Our cookie dough is best when consumed directly from the jar, just make sure to microwave it for 20-30 seconds.

Still, for Cookie Lovers, we have listed how to bake cookies from our dough!

Are there raw eggs in our cookie dough?

No, our cookie dough contains absolutely no eggs.

Where do you currently deliver?

We currently deliver in Delhi-NCR to your doorstep. We will be expanding our reach soon!

How long does our cookie dough last?

Our cookie dough lasts up to 2 weeks at room temperature and 2 months in the fridge from the manufacturing date.

Do we add any preservatives?

No, we use no added preservatives in our cookie dough! All recipes are made with fresh ingredients and immediately refrigerated to preserve freshness.

Where can I purchase DoughpShope’s products?

You are already on our website go to the SHOP section and have some doughliciousness on your way. Or you can DM us on our Instagram Handle too.

Does DoughpShope do collaborations?

Yes, we are always up for collaborations for mutual benefit. For anything mail us at or DM us at our Instagram handle.