• Shivam Bhardwaj

Is it safe to eat Cookie Dough…raw?

Updated: Jul 4

Is Cookie Dough safe? Is it bad for health? Does it cause health problems?

These are some of the questions that come to our mind when we think of Cookie Dough.

We understand your health-related concerns. And to answers this, we have explained how Doughp Shope Edible Cookie Dough is safe for your health.

“Cookie dough contains certain types of bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal problems.”

This might be true for some products. However, you would be totally fine if you are consuming a product that is intended to be eaten uncooked.

Doughp Shope’s Cookie Dough is meant to be consumed raw.

You can also microwave it, as per your preference.

It is completely safe to consume either way.

The crucial point is that there are no added preservatives, no eggs and absolutely no toxic substances that might put your health at risk.

We prioritize keeping you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

Now that you are certain about the safety of Edible Cookie Dough, gift yourself with a delightful dessert that is just one click away.

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